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    life goes on, I'm not in it just for sex!

    April 3, 2013








    Saint Stanislaus School

    Winona Middle School

    Winona Senior High School '74

  • About Me

    • country,oldies,and eminem, and rock, my son's original songs.

    • twilight saga, transformers,

    • Dallas, reba, supernatural, charmed, castle, the mentalist, vegas, ghost story.premonition

    • dean kootz, the bible

    • I'm not much into sports, but have nothing against ppl that r into them. I enjoy watching the packers and the vikings play together. don't understand, but I watch!

    • my family, my kids, I love all animals, I love my computer, I fish, dance, and I smoke.

    • being on the same page as a man. honest, loving, and not jealous. being trusting.

    • I love to talk, I'll be there for u when u need me. I'm accepting, but I won't be , man handled in a physical or emotional abuse. been there, done that. take me at my word, don't over-think what I say. I say what I mean!

    • I'm strong minded, been single alot of years! I accept change. I don't like to be told how I'm feeling, asking me, so u can understand and a discussion with that.agree to disagree.

    • I love horses! I used to ride! I haven't ridden in years. I used to train halter horses.

    • I love to go gambling once in a while...not all the time cuz I can't afford that! just for fun!

    • ppl interest me, their differences, and loyalties. I always wonder why ppl think the way they think and do what they do!

    • I want someone in my life that fills my time and shares my life with me. someone that isn't just looking for sex! theres more to life than just sex!

    • there truly is someone out there for everyone that has no games involved, isn't out just for sex, cares for me for being me, the good with the bad!

    • I don't mind cleaning house, cooking, doing the shopping, but what I love most is being spoiled!!!

    • I believe there's a God out there, but I also believe in reincarnation. I studied the bible for yrs and reincarnation is in there. I believe we go thru many levels before we get to God.

    • I get very quiet and withdrawn if I've been lied to, I don't like it!

    • If I've made a mistake I'll be the first to say I'm sorry! I can admit I'm wrong!

    • I love to stay active and not just sit around! But in the wnter I pretty well hybranate...I hate the cold!!!! During the spring, summer, and fall i like to get out and do things. I'm not picky, and I love to try new things! I love life!!!!!

    • I love the small things in life...little gestures, notes, a slight touch as you pass by, the simple things! I don't like being pawed at, I'm NOT a dog!

    • I hate lies, I'd rather be told the truth than be lied to!

    • I've gotten so used to being alone, I sit at night watching TV, or listening to music I have downloaded on Tag!