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    Having fun and enjoying life

    April 15, 2008



    Caucasian/White, Native American


  • About Me

    • country classical instrumental techno, hard Rock, heavy metal. Rhapsody of fire Rules

    • horror, gore, dragons, good vs evil, magic,scifi Dragonheart and dragonhearts. Rose red, and many more.

    • CSI all seasons. Ghost Hunters. GHI. Scifi shows. Discovery channel,chiller, NCIS, House,

    • Scifi Books mostly about dragons and magic.

    • Base Ball.Swimming. B-Ball

    • Reading. Hanging with friends. Playing games, snuggling, having fun.

    • To find some one to love

    • funny, sweet, kind, caring,wonderful sense of humor,compassionate, and fun to hang out with. Well this what my friends say.

    • I am fun to be with. I like to make people laugh. I dont like to have pics taken of me but I do tolerate it. I also like to snuggle online and IRL.I love to rp.I like to hang out with my friends. I am a furry and if you have a problem with that well you can leave this page. If you are another furrie reading this you can find me on FA as Dragoncores.

    • Dragons and Magic. Cooking, helping others, writing and reading, hanging out with friends, rping.