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    Army mom, grandma, author & songwriter. Founder Just published 1st book. Top blog writer on love & life. Retired OTR truck driver

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    • I am in a relationship & I am only here to make friends & networking. Please feel free to add me as a friend but I am happy with my man ******************************************** I met the love of my life online and it can work for you too. We want to share our new book "I Think We Need To Talk" Life, Love & Relationships by Professor Thomas W. Nagle & Tamra Lynn Smith. Top bloggers on Love & Life. Over 200,000 hits a month on our sites & 124 countries read our free blog sites. ******************************************** Why are we giving the ebook away? Because we just published the book & we know once people start reading it, they will love it & tell their friends. We would love to just give the paper back version away to everyone but it's just too expensive to do it. We have to pay to get the paperback too :( If you want the paper back copy, you can order it on our sites or amazon. We will give you the e book version at no cost..just ask me.

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    • Tamra Lynn Smith is a blue star Army mom and co-founded with the help of Lantern Lane in 2007. She is an award winning indie songwriter with 11 indie hit songs that she cowrote hitting the indie charts from 2007 to 2012. Tamra & her songwriting friends wrote the songs to make a difference and to tell the stories of the hardships our military and veterans face. This is about making a difference and giving back to others in her life. Tamra says " My life is far from perfect but I have good people in my life. I have learned a lot on my journey and working with Professor Nagle. Working with the veterans, military & families is an honor for me and I know in my own small way we touch many lives. If I save one veteran from suicide, or help them know they are not alone in life, all the time I have spent on this project is so worth it." has about 30 songwriters, musicians, singers & writers who donate their time and talent to help raise money for other charities through their music. They make no money on what they do and are self funded.*******************************

    • Professor Thomas W. Nagle is an educator for a Northern Az college. He also does private consulting work. Thomas has a Bachelor of science degree in Psychology with a Masters in Business. He has been teaching for 25 years. He is also a top blog writer. This is about giving back to others. *****************************************

    • Tamra, Thomas & Lantern Lane all write life and love articles for Project Troops (google us) Tamra went through losing her ex husband & the father of her children to suicide in 2011. It was very hard on her children and the family. She now works to raise awareness about suicide, depression, domestic violence, chronic pain, mood disorders, drug & alcohol addiction and ptsd. She was an OTR semi truck driver for 8 years but was forced to retire due to medical issues in 2008. She was denied disability and is still trying to get it. She tried working part time after she was injured but just couldn't do it. It was very unfair and hard when she was denied disability but she is not giving up the fight. She drove a million safe miles across the USA before she had to give it up. Her health problems still stop her from working any job full time but she is still trying to learn new skills to help her make money with her limitations. Dealing with chronic pain issues and degenerative neck and back problems make working any job on a set schedule impossible for her to do. Some days she can't even walk but she is not a quitter & will keep on fighting to get back to work.************

    • Being forced to give up driving was very hard but it then took her down another path in life she was meant to pursue and to start helping others. She was able to work on her music and writing and turn that dream into a reality. Time will tell where the future goes from here. "Thankfully I had good people in my life who have helped me survive going through losing my job, my house & basically everything I had to my name in the last 4 years. I didn't end up homeless because friends stepped up to help me. It could have been so much worse. I am so thankful I had people in my life who cared." Tamra says. I lost my job, my relationship, my house, my truck and even my dog but somehow I ended up in a better place than when I started except for the 50k salary cut, which still stings a little or a lot depending on the day you ask me about it. It has not been an easy road but I am alive so I won't complain too much. I look at it as it can only go up from here lmao. You have to laugh at the irony of it all. I am in a good place and have accomplished many dreams & goals I wanted to accomplish. If I died tomorrow, I would be ok with it. **********************************************

    • You may want to write down our email address and website info as you never know if or when a tagged site will be shut down or deleted ********************************************* This is why they created their own websites in 2010. Search projecttroops org or com or Tipsforlove net or ithinkweneedtotalk com(which is the title of the book.) theconsultantguy com any search engine will pull them up or search Tamra Lynn Smith ********************************************* Tamralynnsmith on yahoo ********************************************** projecttroops on yahoo ******************************************** Projecttroopsmusic or tamralynnsmithmusic on Facebook. tipsforlovenet on twitter or needtotalkbook ********************************* tamralynnsmith or projectroops for music on reverbnation on Youtube under tamralynnsmith ****************************************** Just do a search, you will find us :) kind of hard to miss out there in webland