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    d rEst of @k!t

    i never 4GET, NO 4giveness, n HATE those peoples!!!

    November 21, 2006



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    • "it's d hardest thing in d world 2 xplain..its not somethng u learn in schl..but,if u haven't learned d meaning of FRIENDSHIP, u really haven't learned anything..."

    • "many people will walk in n out og ur lifebut only true frens will leave footprints in ur heart"

    • friendship is like a breeze u can dold it, taste it, smell it, or know when its coming but u can always feel it n u'll always know its there it may come n then go but u can know it'll always be back

    • bOrN oN aHaD 3.fEb.1985 11.55a.m. kAt atAs kAt!L hBkL..hehe..sEgAmbUt KL..gRewUp & L!vEd At aMpUNk.. aNak sULONg..158cm..48kg..kEc!k je dEN n!..hehehe... tgAL ngN fAm!Ly..aDa 1 ad!k Lak!.. _s!!ENdly..opEN m!NdEd..lOve my fAMiLy N frENssss.. bOy_mUs..huv rEd sAVVy..L!ke kALer mErAh,pUt!h,itAm,.. mAsakAN mAk pLg sDp..asAm pEdAs..LakSa..! L!ke spOrtS..nEttbAlL..bAdm!NtoN..foOtbAlL.. L!vErpOOL..cHELsea..mU..bRAz!L..eNgLaNd.. bEckAMp..z!dAnE. gErrAd..rONEy..3R..huhuhu...

    • sMUe kENgkAwAN x-s.K.A.c x-s.M.k.t.t..mbEr2 tEam nEtbAlL..bOLa bAL!Ng..kLass 5p3..x-mbEr2 skUttErs...N aNybOdy wHo wUNt 2 frENss w mE...mmUUUUaaaaHHHHH....

    • wAt mA pArENts hAppy & hDp!Nkn sEorG sUAm! yg pEnyAyANg,btGjWb,b!mAN & sEbUah kLUargA yG bhG!a...aM!Nnn...

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