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  • Au Dia Droid


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    Lovin Lasers

    Young Producer and musician. Living out of a small town.

    June 8, 2007



    English, Deutsch, Italiano

    Native American



  • About Me

    • Electronic, Rock, Industrial, Metal, Pop (Certain Songs), Classical, and many other genre's.

    • Saving Private Ryan, Princess Mononoke, Kung Fu Hustle, Ip Man Series, and Repo: The Genetic Opera.

    • GridIron, Soccer, Gold, Running, and anything else you can teach me.

    • Everything interests me as long as it's fun and active.

    • Being the best guy I can be.

    • My Pure Energy... You would have to see me to know.

    • Name is Malcolm, I'm a guy who loves to hangout and have fun, yet I like to do everything clean without drugs and alcohol. Music and Love are what drive me. Life is to damn fun and precious to be depressed so I'm always optimistic.

    • Music, Art, Composing light shows, Music Events, Business, life, and just having fun.