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  • Rosalee W


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    It is better to give than receive!

    March 28, 2007



  • About Me

    • I like pop,country,irish and contempary christian

    • You've Got Mail, Cleopatra,Braveheart,Palomino

    • I love" Lost, American Idol, Smallville, The Batchlor, Fringe, Ghost Whisperer to name a few.

    • Elijah The Penguin, any Danielle Steel books!

    • I love to watch Titan football or Tiger Woods play golf.

    • Please order my book 'Elijah The Penguin" at or Barnes and,Amazon or online stores. You can also order it from you favorite bookstore if they don't have it in stock. Get yours today. A good Christian children's book!

    • My brown dear eyes I guess.

    • Writing,singing,playing guitar,fishing,praising the Lord

    • To become a best-seller of Romance Novels and childrens'books. Also to become prosperous ,buy a Cadillac CTS Midnight blue with moon roof and cd player, and a new home!