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  • Sokha Y


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    February 11, 2009







  • About Me

    • Slow,Fast..Hip Hop, Some Rap, RoMantic and Khmer musics....

    • Actions,real life, comedy and also romantic movies..

    • Soap op.. , game shows, investigations and more..

    • fiction, nonfiction, politic and also religion....

    • NFL,NBA,NCAA Basketball/Football, Golf and Tennis.. 49ers, Lakers, Duke men basketball, Cal football...A-rod, LaBron James,Kobe Bryant,Tiger Woods, Steve Young...

    • If I could I change the world hahaha. I am interested in learning new things and also would like to expand my social life ....

    • Always dream big. But the result has never been come too close. So I have to keep dreaming and hoping for the future because without hope we can not live. Throughout human history, great people have been great dreamers. Their dreams have annoyed some and motivated some. As a result of dreams, great cities, cultures, kingdom, and nations have been built.

    • yeah, don't be shy just lie heehehehe. A man who won't lie a woman has very little consideration for her feelings.

    • I am very passionate about life and appreciate the good things that god have provided for me. I enjoy life and take whatever god gives me everyday........