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    Atlanta Falcons

    B Slim whip the beat and he serve it rock solid.

    March 27, 2012






  • About Me

    • Slim Runna, Rico Breed Bant Sqaud, Feva, K.T. Calione, I am a producer/rapper so music is my life.

    • Fast Five. All Fridays, First Sundy, Laugh at my Pain.

    • My favorite show is Family guy, i cant even lie that lil' football head ass nigga be crackin a nigga up.

    • The Holy Book is my favorite so far.

    • SO 2 The Falcons, UGA, Florida State. They doing big this year.

    • Interest are to collab and network with as most people as possible.

    • Dreams are to make where my amediate family dont have to work but yet invest in bussiness and make a profit for just having money. Besides my dreams a huge beautiful house. Beautiful wife by my side and our children along side us.

    • Brains, Looks, Athletic abilities. Size of coarse.

    • This is Slim Runna. The Hottest upcoming producer around. No Gimmicks just straight forward with the tunes. I have the hardest beat taggs witch draws the listeners by the thousands. i have links on my page you can easily click on them to hear my work.