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    This Group Is About Short Girls Looking For Love Friendship, Dating Or Wanting A Pet Partner United States Only Any Race Welcome But Must Be In The U.S. Forign No Accepted, ( ONLY INVITES WITH A FACIAL PHOTO OF THEM SELVES WILL BE APPROVED) NO FACIAL PHOTO'S WILL BE REJECTED, its for thick girls(in other words, women who feel comfortable enough to wear clothes to show off what you've got)! age is just a number Racism, Cursing, use of use of "spelling" out of ACTUAL SEXUAL, CURSE, & VULGAR words will NOT be tolerated as per TAGGED Rules. For example, if u want to us the 'F" word, u MUST use SYMBOLS IN BETWEEN, like F**k, or F!@k. Tagged is getting increasingly more strict about this, WE have no choice in the matter. 2nd Tagged Rule: PRIOR 2 banning any member for violation of Tagged or group rules, They MUST be given a WARNING!!! K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Sweetie, lol) OUR group rules: 1) NO profile is to be approved if the member doesn't have their "ACTUAL" "not a MOVIE STAR'S/facial

    Romance and Relationships - Singles/Dating - 50+





    Tenn✦Punk✦Princess✦Luvs✦Margaret N