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    February 11, 2012



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  • About Me

    • I love jazz, particularly latin jazz, dance mixes, and old school rock & roll.

    • I love classic movies, particularly from why 30's-60's, when stars were stars. Stewart, Wayne, Astair, Bogart, the greats! Hollywood hasn't had very many original thought on the last 20 years, must be the drugs.

    • I don't watch lot of television, really don't have any "must see" favs

    • Lifelong San Francisco fan, 49ers, Giants! USC football. Formula 1

    • I'm a tomboy at heart and I love the outdoors and to be active. I'm a gym rat, have to be to stay in shape for the camera. I love hiking, especially difficult trails in the hills. I swim and bike. But I also love dining out, travel, photography, music, and my cat.

    • I love modeling and although I have had many offers and appeared one feature film (not porn), I truly love modeling the most.

    • You make the call

    • I'm Samara Banyar, a commercial model working in fashion, fitness, lingerie, swimwear, glamour, figure, and artistic genres. I've been on tagged several times but they don't really appreciate me. Still, I've made some good friends here and every time tagged deletes me my feelings are hurt, then I hear from my friends and I come back. I am who I am and so I imagine tagged will get around to deleting me again. So be it. If you want to friend me, or contact me, there are some things you need to know.

    • You can write me on the tagged message system, but I rarely answer mail there. If you want to contact me, I suggest my regular email. If you write to me, please be patient as I have a very busy schedule. If you send me a message that simply says "Hi", "How are you?", "how as your day?", or something similarly inane, please don't expect an return.

    • Photo Comments I keep a small number of photos on my profile but I rotate them often, sometimes daily so be a regular visitor. I don't ask, or expect anyone to comment on my photos. If you are inspired to make a comment, positive or negative, the only comments I remove are default "I like this photo" comments. If you have something to say, say it but just pressing a default button doesn't say anything at all.

    • I'm here to meet people, to make some friends and to promote my career. keep in mind that I have thousands of tagged "friends". Most only want my picture on their page and thats fine with me. If you have designs on us chatting away for hours, that's almost certainly not going to happen. We aren't going to meet for coffee or drinks, or vacation together. I don't give out my yahoo ID as I keep that for family and my kids. With so many friends its impossible to chat and email all of them, or even very many, so as a rule, I exchange emails with only a handful. I have many friends here, about 5,000 on facebook, plus Linked in, and my professional resources so its simply a matter of time.

    • I accept pretty much everyone who either sends a friend request or clicks on me in Meet Me. But I don't otherwise send friend requests. The only people I refuse are the following: Anyone who has a minor child in their profile picture. I am against exploiting children on a dating site. I refuse those from muslim countries that don't respect the rights of women and young girls, and anyone who's profile, tagline or photo is intentionally offensive.