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  • R.V. Almeida®


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    Metallica !!!

    Am I evil? YES I AM!!!

    December 3, 2008



    Caucasian/White, Hispanic/Latino



  • About Me

    • Extreme Metal (Black, Brutal Death, Thrash and Sorrow).

    • Horror.

    • I don't use to watch TV

    • Holly Bible, The Negotiator, Nicolae, Cathedral ET cetera...

    • MotoGP, dirty bike and motocross

    • I've no dreams, I prefer to act before to dream.

    • My personality, honor and character

    • Well, I'm Romulo Vital Almeida, livining In the brazilian's South and I work in exportation industy. I'm the right kind of wrong guy. Drummer and guitarrist, I love extreme metal, and maybe 'couse the dark style I see the bad and heavy side of life more then the good side, but I can be funny and nice sometimes. I can be sweet as sugar or bitter as gall. How I act is relative to how the people act to me... I'm a danger lover, like to drive faster ride wild horses, dirty bikes (becouse it I have two broken bones)! IT'S ME! LIKED YOU OR NOT!

    • How you all might saw I'm a failed pet player... For about one or two years ago I'd played in this page, but after stand six month without play becouse I was too bussy to left my real life for a game, I was set free and after that I had much prejudice... So I left this page, took my ex-gf profile (with her permission) and now I'm playing in other page. I'm not signing in this page as frequently as I used, on truth it's hard sign in now but old friends can contact me and ASAP I'll be answering! Hugs... I'll see you friends