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    • KUMAR SANU (indian singer) - RAHIM SHAH - Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and Some other Pakistany and Afghan songs...

    • * all of AMIR KHAN * - *all of NADIM KHAN* - The Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible 1.2.3 - Ham kese se kam nahe(SUNJAY DUTT) - Garv (SALMAN KHAN)


    • I love Martial Arts

    • I like Sports, Listening Music, Watching Movies, Playing Games, Doing hard work while responsible for something...

    • wanna be a BUSiNESS-MAN

    • My Name is Rafiullah Toukhe, I am an afghan boy,20, My favorite color (RED), I hate liers, I Love Honest and Inoffensive People and things, 6 ft hight, Black Hair, Black Eyes, Assian Skin, Average body, and thats alll...

    • I love Playing Cricket, Chess, Football

    • Computers Related

    • My Favorite Heroes : AMIR KHAN (bollywood) - NADIMkhan+WAHEEDmurad - John Rambo (hollywood) and Jetlee

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    Honesty is the best policy

    October 12, 2008