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  • Rabee Agha


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    The most important thing in life is respected

    July 28, 2007



  • About Me

    • slow music and pop music

    • fear,fight,history,romnce movies

    • Syrian programs of all kinds

    • Quran,Book Sunnah,Miracles book Apostles,Books of Science Technology

    • Volleyball,Football,Billiard,Chess,Table Tennis

    • Painting,Swimming,Mechanic,Internet,Search for new friends

    • I Rabee Agha from Syria Homs station live and I love the friendship and respect. Because of the meaning of a beautiful friendship do not know anyone who only had a loyal friend, I thank every person who says to me ... I like painting, swimming,

    • My list is long and the color of my eyes is brown and built a strong body

    • Engineering spinning and weaving


    • Life among human beings in need of what is more important than love what is more important than that beauty is something called the respect