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  • sweetlady4u

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    sweet love

    PLEASE no black guys just not for me and only guys around my age in there 30's and no pervs or disrespectful or I will BLOCK

    August 7, 2010






  • About Me

    • I like hip hop reggaton freestyle love songs fav singer pitbull & akon.daddy yankee, mohombi bumpy ride he sings.. rupee, Danny fernandes massari & so forth. listen to 101.1 99.9 as well.I like listening to the knew songs they have out there as well..not into rock or country or hard core rap

    • more into scary, funny , and romantic movies

    • looking for guys around me only and still getting guys mad far the guys on here don't seem to listen.I spend a lot of my time with my son, but i like going for walks, to the movies, out to dinner.the zoo, darien lake, bike rides with my son,swimming in my pool tanning while listening to music.even like going to the haunted houses. or just staying in and cuddling & watching a movie with some 1 I'm with..

    • would like to get married some day and have a nice family ..

    • my personailty

    • PLEASE no black guys just not for me.. and guys around my age.Since most don't read profiles hoping a few will take the time so no one is wasting each others time.I have a son that comes first. I’m not the bar, party type or barely drinks. I like going for walks, funny and scary movies, haunted houses, bat mitten, I like hip hop, love songs,like Pit-bull etc, hate rock, country, so if you like some hip hop that would be a plus. I’m on the chunky side but happy with who I'am. This is a dating site and most here don't even want anything serious but sex and kid games like most are still stuck acting like a bunch of kids smh. I'm not here looking for sex and kid games and looking for someone that I click and connect with, so please don't waste my time..Also Someone that grew out of that party, smoking weed stage, and don't sit at bars or barely drinks. most here have to high of a standard and want a girl too look and be a certain way,prefer someone that isn't like that, but more about the persons heart and personality so not into shallow guys. I'm not the type that will just meet right away.Hoping there is at lease one decent mature guy that is real on here that is real..

    • I also can't work I'm ssd for a heart problem, And also can see why most on here are single because of the way most of the guys on here act and come off.. I'm not into the pervs and guys that act like a bunch of kids that like to play kid games and come off disrespectful. I was brought up with morals and respect for my self and would like to be treated that way.. Also looking for a guy that has some class and morals and respect for him self and for others as well and was brought up the right way...