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    sweet love

    the guys on here don't listen i said ages 29 to 35 and only near me, not into black guys & if i get disrespected buy another black guy i will report u

    August 7, 2010






  • About Me

    • I like hip hop reggaton freestyle love songs fav singer pitbull & akon.daddy yankee, mohombi bumpy ride he sings.. rupee, Danny fernandes massari & so forth. listen to 101.1 99.9 as well.I like listening to the knew songs they have out there as well..not into rock or country or hard core rap

    • more into scary, funny , and romantic movies

    • looking for guys around me only and still getting guys mad far the guys on here don't seem to listen at all. i'm in ckeek/sloan area.I spend alot of my time with my son, but i like going for walks, to the movies, out to dinner.the zoo, darien lake, bike rides with my son,swimming in my pool tanning while listening to music.even like going to the haunted houses. or just staying in and cuddling & watching a movie with some 1 I'm with..

    • would like to get married some day and have a nice family ..

    • my personailty

    • no black guys. if your under 29 or over 35 and live mad far from me i will block you.I'm looking for a relationship so only guys near me and again ages 29 to 35 not into guys that look old.I have a son ,must be good with kids,must be looking 4 something SERIOUS ONLY that is a mature and knows what they want and not here for sex and kid games. guys on here want sex and play games like there still 15 grow up. some 1 that can come home to us after work and I can give them hugs and kisses and greet them at the door,some 1 that doesn't sit in bars wants to party and smoke weed and barely drinks, that is more of a family man do family things rather then wanting to alway's be with there friends and do there own thing why be with some 1. some 1 that will put me and my son first and make us happy every day. some 1 that knows how to take care of a family and that isn't a tight wad. that is sweet and caring has a good heart and personailty that can joke around at times, make you laugh, can be romantic at times. I love to cuddle and be affectionate with the person i'm with.not a party or bar type person or into any drugs.

    • I also can't work I'm ssd for a heart prolem,that's how I get buy, me and my mom bought a house together and help each other out would never kick her out for ay 1 family first.I also had alot of the black guys call me names on here just because I don't date black guys,i do have cousins that are mix but hat just ain't 4 me each to there own, but if get disrespected again I will report you and block you. I will not tolerate that grow up or guys talking dirty to me either on here. show some respect i can see why alot of the guys on here are single.