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  • About Me

    • Some Old's for sure & got to mix with some hard rock & now its this this county rock & some a/c d/c for sure.

    • Anything thats Funny lol .. so tired of drama movies & tv ones too :(:( We get enough of that on TV ... From you know who :(:(

    • Blue Bloods, The Shark tank.,The View The Voice just to name a few & right now we are getting some new cool talk show to

    • Not a really big time book reader , but does read the bible sometimes :):P

    • Is & will always be a New York yankee fan...Oh & how about them Cowboy's too

    • I'am interested in my Life & how long do i think i'am wanting live & hang out in this messed up country we are living in now :(:( Especial with this so call president we got :(:(L(

    • To move back up to New York ,or go back out on Long island somewhere :)

    • Have been told my good ole baby blue's but i can't really see them :( So what do you think ....

    • Has a Big time Naughty side to me & is very open minded & is alway willing to try Anything once or twice of maybe even 3 times if thats what it would take

    • Been thinking about getting married 1 last time :):P:)