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  • David S


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    If Mother Nature had wished that boys should be f....., she would have placed a hole between their buttocks!

    May 2, 2013



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  • About Me

    • Ser el macho de chicos sensuales y femeninos y también, a veces, la hembra de jóvenes bien dotados. To be the male of sensous, feminine boys and also, at times, the female of well-endowed young men

    • Una cosa gorda que suele gustarles mucho a los chicos pasivos. A big thing that usually gives delicious, intense sensations to passive boys

    • Maduro con experiencia, adicto a todos los placeres de la carne en compañía masculina. Más bien activo, aunque versátil. Bien dotado Experienced mature guy, addicted to all the pleasures of the flesh in male company. Rather active, but versatile. Well endowed