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    Ladies, if you don't plan on chatting with me, don't send me a friend request.

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  • About Me

    • old school r&b and hip hop, socially conscious songs

    • old school black movies, biographies, movies based on true stories and historical events.

    • Black sitcoms, schience and history channels, news and sports channels, and cooking shows

    • Any book dealing with black/african history and culture, biographies, science and archeological magazines

    • Football, basketball, track and field, boxing

    • Reading, studying Black/African history and culture, watching football, playing xbox, fishing, cooking, and spending a nice evening with a black woman.

    • My dream is for every black person on the planet earth to learn our true history and to unite to solve the problems that we face on a daily basis

    • My compassion for people, my laid back attitude, my honesty, my consistency.

    • Hello to everyone who views my page. My name is Ron, and I'm the owner and creator of a social website for black people called Originalpeople .org. I encourage everyone who views my profile here to come and join my website! OriginalPeople .org is a social networking site geared towards uniting all those in the so called "black conscious community. "The goal of Originalpeople .org is to provide an online community for black people who are for the global uplifting of the black community. Whatever label you choose to use to define yourself, one thing we should all agree on, is that we are suffering as a people globally.

    • I like black females who are cultural. I like a black woman that has an interest in her history and is conscious about what is going on in our communities. A woman that likes to read, is laid back, can cook, likes to laugh, and is not materialistic. I love all black woman, so ladies please don't hesitate to send me a message.