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    ester with love

    كاتم سر جااااد للتعارف بدون شحن كروت اللى عجبها نظامى تكلمنى واضح للجميع لانى مش مغفل ولا عبيط اللى عجبها تكلمنى ونتمتع اوك واللى مش عجبها فستين د

    June 2, 2012




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    • I Egyptian nationality skimmed identity live aimlessly Tired of life no longer Li owners tried to commit suicide more than once I had hardly friends resorted to net even earn friends I can not speak depth in everything makes me sad died and my father and I live alone live convergence Please attention and help me so I likelife and I feel comfortable and trust

    • انا راجل يا جدعان بلاش غباااااااااااااء

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