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  • John elmy

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    looking for friends hoping it will turn into more.

    November 21, 2011







  • About Me

    • r&b, country. basic eclectic.

    • Ghost, Glass House, Notebook

    • The A team, Touched by an angel, CSI,

    • Your emotional well being, Taking long walks, holding hands, wood working, art, mountain climbing, swimming in a heated pool, driving

    • My dream is to eventually start a domestic violence shelter for men and their children

    • My inner beauty, My integrity, My reputation, My talents

    • Loving, Empathetic to others feeling, emotional, likes to talk about each-other,loves to laugh. I am very real, you must be to.

    • someone care free and a very nice romantic would be nice, from public displays of affection to any other activity, You choose one of these activities: 1) Haunted House Date: You’ll be holding hands and hanging onto each other the whole time! 2) Amusement Park Date: Always fun to go on the roller coaster together. 3) Mini-Golf Date: Cheap, cute, and fun. Also competitive in a non-serious way. 4) Bowling Date: Fun and competitive in a fun way. 5) Billiards / Pool Date: Fun, competitive, and sexy. 6) Rock-climbing Date: You’ll get to be rappel partners. 7) Ice-Skating Date: A bit cheesy, but you’ll get to hold hands and maybe fall together. 8) Outdoor Concert Date: Usually cheap or even free. Bring a nice picnic if it’s in the park. 9) Fruit Picking Date: Fun, casual, and even tastes good. 10) Driving Range Date: Share the same bucket of balls! 11) Art Gallery Date: Good if you have an artistic side. Makes you look classy. 12) Sailing Date: Great if you belong to a sailing club. Just go out on a dainty and have a great time! 13) Renaissance Fair Date: A very unique environment. Lots of small crafts to look at.

    • this is the love I want. The Price of Love The cost of loving someone is never cheap. You can't buy love but you must pay the price of maintaining the relationship. You must chose to commit, to remain faithful, to forgive, to serve, to love through the good times and the bad, though sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Just remember deciding to love get harder as you get older. It's gets more and more difficult to fall in love because your "faller" get broken. You've lived long enough to have been disappointed, heartbroken, and jaded. Perhaps you've even become cynical about trusting other people and about the prospect of finding someone to share your life with. It becomes more, more challenging to risk, so much safer, and more comfortable to resign yourself to loneliness. Yet as we get older, we have more roles and responsibilities smothering us like bandages, it like we crave a meaningful, passionate relationship more than ever. We want someone to love us for who we are and not what we do or what we provide financially or materially. We long for that someone to give us permission to let go of all we cling to so fiercely in the daylight hour of our public persona.