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  • About Me

    • R&B,Rap, Gospel, Country & lil Jazz

    • Enough,Jennifer Lopez Bodyguard Whitney Houston Out of time Denzel Washington

    • Reality

    • Bible

    • Indy Colts/Cincy Bengals/ Mike Vick/ pool

    • meeting people with a plan, say what you mean and mean what you say, please don't waste your time bull💩ting, I'm bull💩 proof

    • Make this world a better world

    • Personality ,Loyaty, realness, CCC> Calm Cool & Collected

    • GHOST WRITER150% women that keeps it extremely real.don't dish any don't don't take any.The reason I say it's complicated on the relationship. It's bc I'm not looking but will not be crazy enough to let a good thing pass me by.;-) Ishould probably repeat that A GOOD THING as in n a reallll man. No drama from this moma!! Easyyy Breezy~~

    • Easy Breezy!!

    • Has never,Will never ever BACK STAB,LIE or be FAKE!! this goes for lover, friends or fam.

    • Heaven ;-) but God sent me down to straighten out a couple of things....