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  • Arby, Team WPS: TY Siera!!


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    Lots of changes to Medicare this year. Need a review or new plan? Message me here!

    September 4, 2011






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    • sci-fi

    • I have played and coached them

    • I like playing pets on here

    • Not seeking a "queen". A title is given because of bloodline. Queens are boring and entitled. No princesses either. If someone calls you a princess, it is not a compliment. I seek someone that is happy with who and what they are and doesn't feel cheated. I only get 1 life. Maybe I should spend it being contented.


    • I am like Morpheus - looking for "the one". If you are not sure what I mean, you are too young or not worldly-wise for me. Seeking ONE special lady. All I need is ONE!

    • Decided to strike out on my own as an insurance agent, so I left my comfortable manager job to get hungry, start networking, and push myself again. I am now an independent agent and looking for people that want to try insurance sales part or full-time. No experience necessary but you must get licensed. Keep your current job and pick up a nice sideline income working from home weekends and evenings. Reach out to me to learn more!