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    • My profile videos give you a good idea of what I listen to.

    • Star Trek: Beyond, Snowden, Jack Reacher Never Go Back, Cloud Atlas, Last Vegas, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Lone Survivor, Dark Shadows, The Campaign, This is Where I Leave You, Godzilla, Draft Day... My all time favorites include Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Animal House, Stripes, Cat Ballou, Elizabethtown, and the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    • Reality TV? Step out your front door and talk to a homeless person. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter, or children's hospital. Turn the TV OFF if you want to see reality!

    • High Performance Habits, Person of Interest, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Be Your Own Banker, New Sales Simplified, The Great Divide, The Retirement Miracle, Stress-Free Retirement, Fanatical Prospecting, The ONE Thing, Sell Like Crazy, Traffic Secrets

    • All the New England and Boston sports teams,.Boise State, Miami Hurricanes, and Oregon State sports teams.

    • I'd have that discussion with you someday - it might take some time.

    • My sense of humor

    • I'm a teacher as well as a learner, a leader at times and a follower at others. I am part of a whole, but also just an individual link in the chain. I am an Essentailist on some issues, a Progressive on others. I am liberal at times, and conservative on other occasions. I have global concerns but act locally. I make a difference at times but am ineffective at others. I don't really worry about myself, but I worry about everyone and the world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. I am neither Democrat nor Republican; I am an Independent thinker not swayed by the rhetoric and half-truths. But above all, I AM a man.

    • I got it - it took time, but I got there! I read a book once that said the most deadly warrior was totally focused on the task and never thought about the outcome. If he stayed focused on the task, the outcome was never in question. If you are not afraid of what will happen, you are free to do what must be done. I am not afraid of what will happen to me, and I am fully prepared to spend the rest of my life alone. By not focusing on being alone, I am free to focus on finding the right person. I cannot let fear control my actions and destiny!

    • Friday night and all the people you text or call don't answer. THEN you realize that you don't really have a life, you are just part of theirs. You need to be REAL comfortable in your own skin when THAT happens.

    • Using things people said or did 30 years ago or discrediting historical figures over something socially acceptable 200 years ago? You are not WOKE, you are a JOKE. Karma is a b*tch. Wait until the future when people will discredit YOU for these thoughts you are having now!