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  • C`arey W


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    March 18, 2010



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  • About Me

    • pop music i love micheal jacksons billie jean and we are the world.i also love hip hop musics too.

    • romance i love titanic by leonard dicaperio and kate winslet. action movies like bladde by wesley snipes.prison break by micheal scofield.i also like vampire movies like twillight too.

    • opera winfrey

    • i love poetry books like macbeth and twelfth night by william shakespare.i also love books related to my field in engineering

    • chelsea football i like people like frank lampard and drogba.i also like golf people like tiger woods

    • i have interest in engineering and the ocean

    • i dream about my new woman what she would be like if she she will care for me and love me and my only son anthony.i dream also about having my own drilling company and a lot other interesting things too.

    • am an emotional kind of person.

    • For many years I've traveled about, but now want to stop, settle down with the right woman and live a new life with my son (Anthony), he's really cute and I love him. I like eating good food, drinking good wine and going out to movies, live music and anything else that takes my fancy. I'm fairly spiritual, though not too religious. I've an interest in anything unusual, hidden human knowledge and histories, the greater spirituality beyond the confines of religion, and enjoy discovering and understanding as much about these things as I can. I came back up to Scotland a couple of weeks back because I got a contract here and I have interesting colleagues here too, though I was born in America. With a few of them getting on in years, it's a good time to be here. I enjoy it, with of course the scenery, food and life and general being around great people from different continents. I know a little about art and love painting (mostly abstract, but some figurative & landscapes). For me it's my ultimate total freedom of expression. The longer-term goal is to paint for a living. Oh, and I force myself to go running to keep fit...