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  • Jessica-Anne


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    Cross-dressing male looking for friends of either sex for meets, coffee and who knows what after!

    March 24, 2010




  • About Me

    • Depends on my mood, anything from ABBA to ZZTopp!

    • Anything from SciFi to RomCom

    • StarGate SG1, Andromeda, NCIS, CSI, StarTrek Voyager, DS9

    • Anything from GamesWorkshop's "Dark Library": Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe etc)

    • Bedroom ones

    • X-dressing, sex, my motorbike!

    • "naughty ones"

    • Apparently my legs and bum, especially when I am in heels and skirt

    • 50 plus cross-dressing male, looking for friends of either sex for chats and adult times with the right person/s

    • If your profile is set to PRIVATE or you donot have a GENUINE pic of yourself on your profile, (doesnt have to be full length facial) Or the first thing you ask for is cam sex or similar - DONT BOTHER TRYING TO ADD ME, you will be rejected. (I may be a bisexual, cross-dressing male, but I DONOT do cam sex, and my legs stay closed for all except a few VERY close friends!!