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  • Edward U


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    December 5, 2009






  • About Me

    • Muse, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Ray Stevens, Garbage, Buckcherry, Dead Milkmen, Nine Inch Nails, Nora Jones, Bloodhound Gang, They Might Be Giants, Veggietales, Kids Bop, The Killers, Kenny Loggins, The Oakridge Boys, and pretty much anything that annoys others.

    • Groundhog Day, Dogma, Aliens, Deep Throat, Bowfinger, The Sixth Sense, Debbie Does Dallas, Akira, Samurai, Army of Darkness, Death Race 2000, Ghost in a Shell, and Shaun of the Dead.

    • Simpsons, Infomercials, Naruto, Test Patterns, South Park, Bleach, and Ben 10.

    • Wake, FlashForward, Rollback, Mindscan, Calculating God, Factoring Humanity, Illegal Alien, Frameshift, Starplex, Terminal Experiment, End of an Era, Golden Fleece, Neanderthals: Hominids, Humans, Hybrids

    • Is sex a sport? Because I like to watch and participate!!

    • Boobies! I like boobies. I like watching anime and reading manga. I also like playing trading card games with my daughter, like Pokemon. Speaking of Pokemon, I like playing the Nintendo Pokemon games with her too. I really dig eating food. Rock Band on the Wii. Oh, and I really enjoy tormenting Orange Turds.

    • I want to own a donut shop, a sushi bar, a stone tools school/ survivalist store. ( You never know when those Chinese are going to invade the US. Using an EMP, knocking out all electronics. Then you' ll wish you knew how to make stone tools and survive without your toys! ! I love Sushi and i can't live without donuts.

    • I really don't have any "best features". I'm just your average every day guy. I don't hurt the eyes to look at and I'm smart enough to hold an entertaining conversation. Oh, and I carry 3 pounds of meat between my legs.

    • At the age of 14 I landed a modeling gig, I did mostly print work and one TV commercial. At 19 while on a photo shoot in Newport Beach,CA I met a beautiful woman named Gwen. To tell the truth, she was the life guard on duty and saved me from drowning. I was too macho tell the guys i was a poor swimmer, oops! To show my gratitude, I took her out to dinner. The dinner service was bad, the meal sucked, but the company was great. I couldn't take my eyes off her. A year later I proposed to her in front of a small cafe in Paris, France. Our engagement lasted for 5 years. During that time I gave up modeling and went back to school. I got a degree from UCLA in archaeology After we got married Gwen gave birth to our daughter and three years later gave birth to our son. Since then I have run in 6 marathons including the New York and LA Marathon( I only finished my last 4). That' s pretty much all there is about me. Oh, and I' m a compulsive liar. Ha ha.

    • Big boobies and a pulse. I'm not very picky. Ok, a pulse is optional.