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  • Edytka L

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    July 1, 2009



    Polski, English




  • About Me

    • I like everything with the little exception Rap!!! Then again heard a very nice pieces in

    • I like an action movies, then dramas, a lot of crimes and I'm not typical chick flick type, but once in whlie I would like watch this kind too, I don't like sci-fi when from the beginning to the end I feel like I watching sub-title

    • Any crime shows for instant bones, ncis, cis, law and order, burn notice, etc., history channel, art, discovery, news

    • Different Polish authors, I 'm mine favorite author Edyta G. Lapinski:))) Danile Steel, Brown and others

    • I love an ice skating,and roller blading, walks and hiking. I pretty much forgot how to ski, but I love to wach ski events, tennis, soccer, basketball, I can watch a football, but I don't like baseball

    • I love to write a poems, I even wrote a book of poetry. You can find my book on I also have my poems on website, look for Edyta Greta Lapinski, if want to check it out. Also, I sketch too mostly portraits, but I like, also naked women:))) Of course I like to go to see a movie, or go to a beach get some beautiful tan:))) I like shows, any kind, plays, museum, exhibition,casino not to much but once in a while, everything basically amusment parks ,,,,,,,the list will never end bangle jamps,

    • I would like to be wealthy and healthy, but who wouldn't right? Then I will be able taking care of my parents. I'll take them to a very expansive cruise around the Europe and I buy them some other stuff.

    • I like my Eyes, but some people saying that I have pretty lips, When I was a little kid I had a very long up to the waist light, blonde hair and that was best feature back then, but not any more

    • I already wrote everything you want...