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    sweet pagan male seeks like-minded best female friend for friendship which if i get lucky could lead to love. IF if you are 35 F OFF

    June 4, 2009







  • About Me

    • anything from soft rock to celtic music

    • spaceballs,the harry potter series,tranformers2,the steve martin versions of the pink panthers,anything which giantess in it. you get the idea

    • 24,hell's kitchen,quantum leap,sliders,smallville,kitchen nightmares goodeats

    • piers anthony,harry potter dean knoonz

    • 49ers,sharks,giants AND aew,wwe and impact wrestling

    • magical beings,the paranormal,wicked the series,monty python,mel brooks,anything else ask

    • to be a light to others and find a best friend who i can be myself around without fear of scaring off

    • some say my eyes

    • i am here to find a best friend who likes sports and also doesn't mind or believes in ghosts,magical beings and so on like i do if you also wanna chat with me on yim add aleronaron or jacksilverstar. i use also msn messager as if you are somebody who is seeking somebody to give you money. look elsewhere. also if you are seeking somebody for just sex. seek elsewhere. i am on to find friends and other like-minded people like final thing IF YOU are somebody who is going around looking for somebody for scamming reasons MOVE ON. one more thing i am learning disabled but NOT stupid

    • IF you wish for me to even LIKE you. you must NOT have a fake picture, be YOUNGER THEN 35. hey i'm almost fifty now and finally fully be real and not just get banned from this site and sneak back on just to try to like me again knowing I will TAG scammer on you and also make you pissed in a comment. for the rest of you who are still here. WELCOME let's see what happens