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  • Rene


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    August 5, 2008







  • About Me

    • R&B, Neo-Soul, Regeton, Classic soul, pop

    • O'Brother Where Art Thou. Tombstone, The Green Mile, The Color Purple, Shrek, Despicable Me, Precious

    • Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Scandal, Revenge, Big Bang theory, Person of Interest, Mother Up, Fugget about it, How to Get Away With Murder, Orange is the new Black, American Horror Story, Empire, and Hand of God

    • I love legal thrillers, horror, suspence and sci-fi.

    • I know nothing about sports. Nothing. I pick the teams I like by the color of their jerseys. With that being said, I bleed Garnet and Gold FSU Rules!

    • I love the water (tubing, swimming, cruising, fishing ect.) Just being close to the water makes me happy. I also enjoy Travel antique cars, bikes, books and a wide variety of music. I am starting to enjoy photography and soap making

    • I want to be able to travel more. I'd like to visit, taste and enjoy every country around the world.I hope to retire and be able to live that dream with my soulmate.

    • I have a nice smile.

    • I love to travel. #Passportready I craft and also enjoy reading and the ocean.