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  • Bob


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    seeking ladys to enjoy me

    January 20, 2008




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    • Rock,country,some rap


    • trying to find a ladys to enjoy me any way she wants,would you want to enjoy doing that? love for you to!,if you would enjoy to have yourway with a man and do what you want to him,would you enjoy doinganything you want, what would you want to enjoy doing,would you want to do this ,would you love enjoying what hes got and love feeling him,please let me know if you would enjoy doing this ,do you thin any other ladys would enjoy doing this,would they want to enjoy a man and would love to have thierway with him,do you want to? would you love to show them what i have got. do you think they would like to show them what i have got ,and see if they like what they see? would you love them watch you play ,and show how they look? hope you would like and would want to enjoy me ,and will love doing all you want to me and want to let other ladys enjoy a man and love playing ,hope to hear from you ,and you will want to enjoy me? if you would just like to have someone that you could enjoy for a night or to please don't look at my age , because you would just want to enjoy me ,just want you to like it ,ok,hope to hear from you! would you like to enjoy a guy ,if you would I would love for you to

    • do you think a group of lady would love to enjoy love watching ,will love to show them what she ,see them love she ,and love how my balls look ,and they will love ,having thier way with the,would yoou love doing this ,and want to comme and see if you will wannt to play, would ladys like me tied up,would they want enjoy my balls ,would you love looking at them ,would you go down on them,what would you want to do with some girlfriends ,would you enoy doing this,and ather ladys would love to play with my balls,and hhoppe they love them ,and will want to do it again ,would you tell other ladys,would ther ladys like a pic . do my balls look good?

    • how would feel about enjoying a man,would you want to enjoy doing what you want an how you want,do you think that you would love to enjoy his b--lls ,and do all you want ,do you think other ladys would enjoy oing this,pleasse let me know and what you would enjoy doing?

    • I,am easy going,openminded,Ride a Harley,lowrider,2007,i am seeking a lady that would like to enjoy riding with me ,being my friend ,and maybe more,,good looking , ,single or whatever ,if you would be interestead please contact me,home to hear from some ladys ,bob!i am looking for a lady that would enjoy being with me as i do them,and will enjoy doing things together,and hopefully will,want to be more,hopefuly,i would love for you to be openminded,like to party,and want to have fun,

    • MY SCOOT!

    • what am i into,i am into and hopeing that i can find a lady here and that she would want to contact me right away and would want to meet ! do you think that you would want to take me and enjoy me for a weekend ,and enjoy doing what you want ,if you would like to do this ,would want to have your way with me and enjoy what I got ,hope you will if you would like to to enjoy me please contact me?