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  • Pepe 8a


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    Evil, beware... we have waffles!

    March 12, 2007



    Español - México, English, Français

  • About Me

    • SInce it's almost christmas... lots of carols!

    • Anime movies lately...

    • Cartoons and anime

    • Only thesis-related for now... :(

    • I like wheelskating and watch football (american! I hate soccer)

    • Lots

    • zzzzz... Like this?

    • I have no best! Hell yeah!

    • ok... whatever you want! there! I wrote it! now what?

    • Research... no choice!

    • Study Ph.D. ... and when I have free time (almost never): drawing, wheelskating, playing drums & sax, photography...

    • Coffee!!!

    • You don't wanna know...

    • Scientists still debate this...