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    January 31, 2007






  • About Me

    • I like certain songs from lot's of different types of music,but the radio in my vehicle and house is usually tuned to a classic rock station.

    • I watch all different kinds of movies. But I would have to say, that it's a toss-up between horror and sci-fi for my favorite type

    • There is no air TV reception here and I don't have sattelite TV. So I don't watch any TV shows. But I have a large collection of DVDs and VHS tapes. I also watch movies and video on the computer.

    • I love books, but I just don't read books as often as I once did. For fiction I like horror and sci-fi novels. And you can never have too many non-fiction and reference books.Just in case you need to check your facts.

    • I'm not really what you would call a sports fan. I really only like sports when I'm actually playing or doing the sport myself.

    • I grow flowers and vegetables. I also draw,paint,sculpt,and write poetry.

    • If I could just snap my fingers and have my dreams come true? I would have the true unconditional love of an atractive woman and be wealthy enough to just share the rest of my life with her,without ever having to work or worry about affording anything.

    • I try never to brag on myself,so my best feature is something you'll have to tell me.

    • I never really cared for autobiographies, so I'm not about to try writing one. If you are really interested in finding out anything about me,then send me a message and ask some questions. I always write back and answer honestly.