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    December 29, 2006





  • About Me

    • Sentimental Piano Music n Soft Rock Ballads

    • Star Wars, Star Trek, Austin Power, Predator, Batman, Indiana Jones, Alien, Matrix, Terminator, Transformer, MIB, Mission Impossible....

    • MythBusters, CSI, X-Files, My Name is Earl, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, Documentries....

    • Lord of The Rings, Science Fiction Novels.....

    • I have many interests but my main one will be reading. I am always curious about many a thing and what a better way to aquire knowledge than to read as much as I could.

    • To Live a Simple Happy Life....

    • Eyes....and Sense of Humour.

    • Thoughtful....and that Sense of Humour.

    • LOVE. How do we define it? It has to do with with Happiness. We are Happy to be in Love. We Love to be Happy. It feels good to Love someone and have someone Love you back. Now what will be the Greatest Love of all? Loving someone is to see Him or Her Happy. But look at all the relations that has turned cold after the Love has died and the other party wants out. If we truly Love someone, we really want them to be Happy. Yes, most of the time it is ME ME ME ME and what can I do for ME? We are only a low intelligence lifeform in this vast expanse of the big Universe so I supposed emotions do get in the way of Logic. We are no Saints but if we could achieve that simplicity in Loving someone and seeing that someone Happy. If you can do that, then you really have a Heart of Gold and truly a human being who really understands the true meaning of LOVE. If you have that Heart of GOLD, you will eventually find that someone Special again. Hey, isn't GOLD still the most valuable asset in troubled times???? L O V E

    • We must have that and learn to look at things from a lighter point of view. There is always 2 sides to a coin but sometimes a little humor can help see things in perspective and no matter if the day is good or bad, it will still come to pass. Why not live the day a little happier?