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  • Errol


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    Very amazing and multi-talented person with is very outgoing has overcome adversity, rejection and status quo been hungry for change.

    December 21, 2006



    English, Français, Português - Brasil


  • About Me

    • I love the style of Jazz,Fusion/Soul and Latin Music along with Christian/Gospel that includes Middle of the Road,Blues and Classical Music.

    • The list of Movies are Harry Potter [I have being casted in for Harry Potter V as a supporting film artiste in the film shoot of October 2006 in London recently being released on July 13, 2007 via The Casting Collective],Catch A Fire,Amazing Grace, I Robot, Men in Black,The Bourne Ultimatum [I was casted in the film shoot as a supporting artiste which starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne of November 2006 and January 2007 has being released on August 17,2007 via The Casting Collective],The Day After Tomorrow,The Passion Of The Christ,Lethal Weapon [I,II,III],Close Encounter of The Third Kind, Star Wars,Pink Panther, State of Play, District 9,Wall Street:Money Never Sleep, Made In Dagenham, Inside Job, Rogue Trader,Rendition,The Last King of Scotland, Wall Street, The Taking of Pelham 123 , Escape to Victory, To Sir, With Love [1967] In Heat of The Night [1967], They Call Me Mr Tibbs [1974]Fire in Babylon was made in 2011 plus War Machine( starring Brad Pitt will be released in late 2017 also made in 2015 also I was featured as a Government Official Role via 2020 Casting).

    • Hill Street Blues, Taxi, Starsky&Hutch,Empire Road,Law & Order,The Fosters, The Sweeney, Mind Your Language, The West Wing, Electric Dreams

    • Long Walk To Freedom written by Nelson Mandela [1994] Audacity of Hope written by Barack Obama [2006] Hard Times written by Charles Dickens [1854] To Sir, With Love written by ER Braithwaite [1959]

    • Basketball,Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket[ Twenty 20], American Football, Baseball and other sports. In addition I supported Manchester United as favourite team have done the double twice in 1994 and 1996 plus by winning the historic treble in 1999[Premier League, FA Cup and The European Champions League Cup] also won the FA Cup 12 times and Premier League known as the old First Division Champions 20 times as a new record plus The European Cup 3 times [1968, 1999,2008] added being Club World Cup Champions 2 times in Japan [1999, 2008],European Cup Winners Cup 1991, Super Cup 1991,Europa League Cup 2017, the Football League Cup 5 times [1992, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2017] and the famous West Indies Cricket Team from the 1970s to 1995 also won the World Cup of 1975 and 1979, won the ICC in 2004 and the Twenty 20 World Cup in 2012 and 2016 .Motor Racing Formula One that Lewis Hamilton is Five Times World Champion of 2008,2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

    • Arts Events that includes going to music and film festivals along with the foreign travels. In addition I am involved playing badminton with the over 50 age group every week at the leisure centre since after the Rio Olympic Games of 2016 also it has been just over a one year ago.

    • I want to move abroad hopefully by the coast. at a later stage. Now at last my dreams of moving to the US is becoming a reality and will be studying Acting For Films [2 Year Conservatory Program] after being accepted at New York Film Academy also be it will be starting later than 2011 also received my You Tube video film clip of Hard Times very late from the independent freelance journalist also was entered for the TUC Video Competition for March 26, 2011 which has being send to the Audition Scholarship at New York Film Academy also be the opportunity of getting a Fulbright Award Program UK-US Postgraduate in Creative and Performing Arts and its partners Institute for International Education via Education USA[got a deferred date instead of January 2010 due to late arrival of results from the financial aid office at New York Film Academy] as a very new challenge of opportunities..In addition I got choices of options as a plan B to study at TVI Actors Studio in New York from January 2015 also the planning application is due to be work in progress.

    • My smiling eyes and having a slim body are the best features also looks like my late father and my uncle have got my mother's features in me.

    • I believe in God with a strong Christian faith since 1997 by challenging injustice and fighting for fairness age 33 years old . In addition I am also proud of being a trade unionist member of BECTU part of the Film Artiste's Association [FAA] also a member of EQUITY the Actors Union dated Dec 24, 2009 by fighting for the rights of working people also have played my part in 'Hope Not Hate Campaign' to ensure the fascist BNP suffered a huge defeat both in the local and general elections of 2010 also took part in the protest against Apartheid outside South Africa Embassy from 1987 to 1990 to free Nelson Mandela [he was released on February 11, 1990 also on the day I was outside South Africa Embassy,London celebrating the campaign objectives by ending the racialist system] also involved in the anti-apartheid protest against cricket and rugby tours to Apartheid South Africa in 1988 and 1989 also involved in the TUC Anti Cuts National Demonstration in London which half a million people raised their anger against cuts of public sector jobs and services dated March 26, 2011 also involved in the campaign against tax avoidance committed by multinational companies since 2002 .

    • I am very tall standing at 6ft 6in [198 cm]also very handsome and good looking mixed race male with dual heritage mixture of black/white from my father side of the family and black from my mother side that both of my parents are from Saint. Lucia [West Indies] that I was born in the East End of Stepney, London Borough of Tower Hamlets (now became an OLYMPIC Borough area of London in 2012) on April 22, 1964, also the first born son of a teenage mother was born on June 6, 1946 also a baby boomer of the post war period proud to be a son of trade union parents [my late father was a member of the RMT on London Underground as a tube worker and my mother was a member of COHSE previously worked as a nurse in the National Health Service now part of UNISON]and a father was in his late 20s born on July 17, 1936 [he was 10 years older than my mother]that I am a grandson of the Windrush Generation also lived and attended schools in London East End area boroughs of Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest between 1975 and 1980 before started university in September 1993 as a mature student. Also proud of my connection with the London Boroughs which now becoming an OLYMPIC Boroughs of London in 2012.

    • The area of Arts Events and Festivals in addition I have been involved in performing arts since July 2003 have performed at various Festivals since 2004.I can play Guitar which by learning to pick up a key note chord as a 16 year old in 1980 also my multi talent ability is beginning to click together and playing the Alto Saxophone since the year of 2007 just before my 43rd Birthday.In addition I inherited the singing talent from my mother [who used to be a cabaret singer]now putting my talent voice into good use also got a bit of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder in me due to my multi talented ability as a performing songwriter.Furthermore due to my acting ability that I got the lookalike features of Barack Obama [America's first black President who won the 2008 and 2012 US Elections] also got the style of Paul Stephenson the leader of the West Indian Development Council who led the Bristol Bus Boycott in England [United Kingdom] dated from April 29 to August 28, 1963 which lasted for 120 days and William Cuffay the Chartist leader was on trial at the Central Criminal Court,London dated September 25, 1848 and he was transported to Tasmania in Australia and was later pardoned in 1856.

    • I want to be successful in the performing arts along by bringing my music career as a songwriter and composer plus by having an acting career has got other multi talent skills as an author and game app inventor. In addition I had my debut book "My Story Invention on the Great Fire of London Trail Game" published by Kindle Direct Publishing on December 3, 2017. Furthermore I will be prepared for a relationship with my dream woman who is very supportive of my career and believe in sharing life together.

    • I also lived in Saint.Lucia as a young boy in the 1970s for 5 years also attended an all Boys Roman Catholic School there before returning to England in 1975 also 18 years later in 1993 I started University as mature student [also the first one as the eldest son in the family] after passing my Access Course to Higher Education of 1990-1991 year at Fircroft College,Birmingham which it was an excellent opportunity with a Quaker style with discipline and commitment to a good education[founded by the Cadbury family also recently attended the 100th Birthday of Fircroft College[now got Beacon College Status] organized by Fircroft Guild [I was a former Fircroft student of 1990-1991 year]dated July 4, 2009 also Fircroft Guild also celebrating their 100th Birthday in 2011[founded in 1911].Had the experience of visiting Canada 4 times [1995,1996,1998,2000]USA 3 times [1995,2000, 2009]Brazil [1989],Tunisia [University Field Trip 1996],South Africa 2 times [1997,1998]that was a Semster Abroad at the University of Cape Town within the Institute of Development and Labour Law Department.. Also visited Holland 4 times [1991,1992,1996,2000] Iceland[1998] Belgium [1996].

    • I will not tolerate any scam letters of women from West African countries that they are interested of coming to the UK, USA, Canada or Europe.However they cannot spell properly with bad grammar also not educated and they also involved in scam letters along with their fellow African men also got blood on their hands by selling their people into slavery also cannibals , savages and terrorists that they have got no self respect and are 4.1.9 fraudsters and will be exposed by naming and shaming scammers that I do not do msn or email on tagged .They have got something to hide and wiil be exposed on the website of also they are trying to be somebody else by stealing other people's identities. Scammers stay away from my site .

    • In addition I have being blessed of having 2 mothers [first one was my real mother from Saint.Lucia and a step mother was born dated July 4, 1948 is from Jamaica who my half sister was born of August 10,1976.These women care about me on my education and my late father make sure by encouraging me as a young boy age 13 years old in 1977. Furthermore I was the first born son also a baby boomer[born in 1964] by doing my parents proud of being well educated. Also got extended families in Saint.Lucia, Dominica,Jamaica, Saint.Vincent, San Juan capital city of PR, Brazil,(area of the Amazon)USA, [New York, Georgia, Florida and California] plus the UK areas of London and Manchester.

    • Furthermore there is clear evidence in the British media and the film District 9 depicts majority of Nigerians as criminals, human slave traffickers, drug smugglers, pigs, ragheads, faggots, smuggling black construction papers from Nigeria as fake money currency that includes fake bank drafts, maggots, rats from the sewers,savages,gangsters, terrorists [one Nigerian man known as the underpant bomber attempted to blow up the North West Airline in Detroit USA dated December 25, 2009] and cannibals. Recently the Play Station advert of Sony implied the country of Nigeria as 4.1.9 scammers also they were involved in the shipping of cement scams dated in the late 1970s [1977] and fraudsters also they are faggots also pretending to be a woman on the internet and maggots by trying to be someone else by not being true to themselves,low life scumbags with no shame or respect.

    • I also worked in Royal Mail Post Office as postal worker in London East End area of Whitechapel between March 1989 and September 1990 before achieving my goals of doing the impossible challenge with opportunities by having a university education which was the start of my ambitious life journey during my mid-20s years and graduated in late 1999 at the age of 35. In addition my ambitious journey goes on which I am involved of working on a innovation project which is The Great Fire of London Trail Game since the middle of 2016 is currently in progress after receiving excellent advice and support from the TREVOR BAYLIS BRANDS PLC and the Mayor of London Culture Team also the development of the App is almost completed by Banana Apps in early 2018.

    • In addition I have completed almost a year long Acting and Singing Workshop at the City Academy, London of June 2008 also recently completed the 2020 Acting Classes on Commercial Casting with 2020 Casting at the London School of Musical Theatre in May 2017.

    • In addition I have written a detail publication on the Great Fire of London Trail Game also connected to the innovation of the project since 2016 also was completed with a year in September 2017.

    • I have written a detail book about the Invention on the Great Fire of London Trail Game of 2016 with an introduction plus five chapters and a conclusion connected with a future legacy linking London's past heritage and history has been published by Kindle Direct Publishing on December 3, 2017. Furthermore I received Congratulations on the Paperback Edition of my book "My Story Invention on the Great Fire of London Trail Game" is live in the Amazon Store. It was published by Kindle Direct Publishing after receiving confirmation on January 18, 2018.

    • I have the opportunity of doing the Audio Book Recording of My Story Invention on the Great Fire of London Trail Game dated October 24 after a very successful meeting opportunity with the Audio Division of SUN KING MEDIA at the Custard Factory location of Birmingham (120 miles outside London) dated October 23,2017 will be added as a voice actor/writer once the audio book recording is submitted soon as possible.

    • I have written a very clear detail publication on Sixteen Area Locations on The Great Fire of London Mobile App Trail Game since 2016 and has been updated in 2018 that took me two years to complete the version on the area locations of London's historical trail, which links heritage and history with innovation.

    • I study International Law that covers the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights of the 30 Articles, United International Day for the Campaign Elimination on Racial Discrimination of the 25 Articles that includes Articles 14 paragraphs 9 along with the International Labour Organization Charter in relations to the rights of working people on my Semester Abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa of 1997/98 Academic Year.