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    So EMO-tional

    Hey I am Simon message me for my Facebook or Skipe

    December 11, 2006






  • About Me

    • Paramore, MCR, Green Day, Black Veiled Brides, Evanescence, and lots of other stuff of all different kinds ..etc

    • Alice In Wonderland, Black Swan, Dark Shadows, The Warrors, Silent Hill, Moonwalker, Mean Girls, The Animal, Requiem for a Dream, War Of The Worlds, iRobot, Black Sheep, Hancock, Secretary, Wall-e, Toy Story (Series), Mission Impossible (Series), 50 First Dates, The Grinch, Aeon Flux , Hannah .etc

    • House M.D., Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Sherlock, Lip Service, Dexter, Elementary, Sugar Rush, Mr. Monk. Red Dwarf, Big Bang Theory,How Not To Live Your Life, Peep Show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, 2 Broke Girls, Feel The Force, Suburban Shootout, Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere, Extras. Intervention, What's Eating You, Hoarders, Nothing To Declare, Customs UK, Grand Designs. Pokémon, Simpsons, Wallace & Gromet, Dexter's Lab, I Am Weasel, Cow & Chicken, Grim & Evil, Invader Zim, Kim Possible .etc

    • Fencing, Gymnastics, Treadmill, Running, Walking, Nature Walking

    • Cinema, Texting, Internet, Health, Chatting, Hanging Out, Shopping, Drawing, Photography, Graphic Design, Computers.

    • My original dream was to become an actor but then it changed to becoming a C.E.O but I achieved that. So now.. hmm I probably would like to play a television role and achieve as a creative software developer & guide my company to to create innovative software.

    • I always listen, I have ADHD so I am always energetic and enthusiastic! But I listen.

    • Part time model, full time awesome.

    • I own a little ginger and white cat known as Mysty.

    • To be continued...

    • RAWR!

    • Architecture, Science, Computer Game Design, Software Development, iPhone App Development, Modelling, Acting, Gaming (with others),Fitness, Exercise, Nutrition, Physics, Chemistry, Calligraphy.