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    You think you are on the wrong planet ? You re free to look for another one....

    May 24, 2007



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  • About Me

    • Calypso, Balades, individual songs of any stile

    • "Wind cannot read"

    • Houseboat Tammy (I know, its so long ago - but I hardly watch TV now)

    • Many. Some Heinlein books of a future world very inspiring. Michener for the past. Harold Robbins for the present

    • Huuu ? Sport is murder..... OK, now and then little bit of football, swimming, running, wrestling, some rare sport called "Jugger"

    • Friendship

    • Someone to share my dreams

    • Loyality ?

    • Love is sharing without demanding. So always ask: What can I do for you ? If everybody would live like that, Religions would have plenty problems with their promisses of Paradises somewhere else....

    • Gentle, romantic, sharing

    • Secret

    • Need someone to share them

    • Friendly advise to young ladies promoting porno sides: Nothing against a little erotic. BUT: In case you are promoting porno sides or any type of f..... videos. Please dont worry to contact me. because I am not interestet.. This is NOT to critisize anybody. Just its NOT MY INTEREST. OK ? Thanks

    • I dont live, and I never lived in Nürnberg. Right now I live in Hamburg. I dont know who manipulates my Profile. And I dont find where and how to correct it.