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  • Matt M


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    Nature's Best

    Simplicity is honesty...

    March 21, 2007



  • About Me

    • When around family and friends, I listen to what other people enjoy listening! But on my own, I switch myself off from music completely and simply keep on praising the Creator of the whole Universe totally...

    • I simply love all kinds of thinking movies (the more action, the better but I'm okay with melodramatic ones, too)...

    • News, talk shows, ESPN, StarSports, documentaries, comedies, musical shows, anything goes really... haven't been watching too much TV lately.

    • Fiction and Non-Fiction (whatever I can lay my hands on)... I'm a real sucker for BOOKS!!! ;)

    • Brisk walking, swimming, jogging, football, etc.

    • Travelling, business, writing, networking, etc.

    • I have a dream... To dream is to make reality a dream come true... dream on and dream BIG! :P

    • I am a man of PEACE. I live to LOVE! I want to die in KINDNESS... So let Peace, Love and Kindness SURVIVE. :)

    • Live life to the fullest! Life is what you make it and you are what you think... but think on your own two feet! Our God-given brain is mind over matter of substance... Speak your brainy mind! People won't mind, I don't mind. Do you mind? :) So what if you fail and fall flat on your ugly face? Just grit and SMILE! :) All you have to do is get up and GO FOR YOUR DREAM, man/woman! ;) So go grab any golden opportunity that comes your way and simply DO IT your way! And GOOD LUCK, guys! Be HAPPY always, people! You only get to live once to die in GOODness...