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  • Tariq Anderson


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    Anything is possible when you let God take control.

    March 21, 2007



    English, العربية, Español - América Latina

    Black, Native American



  • About Me

    • Halo by. Beyonce, All eyes on me by. Tupac

    • American Gangster, 12 Rounds, Transformers, The Marine.

    • 106 & Park

    • PAPPY by. Walter Tariq Anderson, ROOTS by. Alex Hailey, BLACK GIRL LOST by. Donald Goines.

    • Arizona Cardnials, Phoenix SUNS.

    • Writing, travel, shopping, pretty women, money making opportunities.

    • My dream is to become a famous author, and to be able to contribute something of great value to the world.

    • I'm a published writer with PublishAmerica.

    • Eyes and lips, and body.

    • I'm a published author with PublishAmerica,and I like to have a good time! My book PAPPY ISBN: 160474958-X is on sale@ all on-line bookstores so get a copy ASAP! Also check out my website@ http://

    • To overcome all of my addictions, and bad habits.

    • THUG STATES coming in 2009... I've always dreamed of being a famous writer, but I didn't have the money to have my manuscript published until I found PublishAmerica, and after that my dream became a reality. Now once again I am proud to continue my work in "360 to the game", which is the continuation of where I left off in the first novel. So remember to never give up on your dreams, and always believe in yourself because when we have faith in ourselves we are actually giving praise to God. The road that I have traveled has been an unbelievable struggle, but God has been with me every step of the way. Even when I was beaten half to death he still kept me alive, and carried me to safety for a reason. I am grateful for what God had done for me, because without him I would still be in active addiction. I would not have published my manuscript, and I know for certain that I would have been homeless or even dead. Coming in 2010

    • PAPPY by. Walter Tariq Anderson ISBN:160474958-X... "The eastside of Buffalo, New York, is notorious for its violence, gangs and dope. It's a dangerous place for those unfamiliar with the codes of the streets, but for those who roam this concrete jungle, they learn to survive by any means necessary. Pappy is one of those survivors, a young man seeking knowledge of himself and striving to be accepted by others like himself. As a child he was raised by a man who murdered his mother but protected him as a caring father would be expected to. Pappy became a street gangster and cocaine dealer, using drugs and alcohol to cope with everyday living. In the midst of his destructive lifestyle he became a rap artist, but the streets held her negative grip until he found himself behind prison walls, where he found a new way of life."