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    beauty is all around us

    April 29, 2008



  • About Me

    • Pop, R n B, Jazz, blues, classic, contemporer.

    • The Ten Commandment, The Nativity Story, Silent of the Lamb, The Da Vinci Code, Bruce Almighty, Wish Master (and sequel), 10,000 BC, The End of the day, The day after Tomorrow,Romantic-Drama-Comedy movies, Horror-Thriller movies

    • Oprah Show, Desperate Housewives series, Heroes series

    • Revelation Unveiled (revision edition of Revelation illustrated and Made Plain) by Tim Lahaye, A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter, The world of Evil Spirits by Daud Tony, A walk to Remember by Nicholas Spark, Run or Die by Relon Star, Delivered from Hell by Daud Tony,etc.....I like reading

    • Jogging,Aerobic,Gym