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Whatever happened to TEENAGENITEMARE?

Does anybody know what happened to Katrina (TEENAGENITEMARE…

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Jan 31, 2012 8:04pm


hi i was just invited to this group so is there any girls w…

1 Robert H thks to my owner Robert H thks to my owner Robert H thks to my owner Jun 15, 2012 7:32pm

Just a Simple Hello


2 DELETED DELETED DELETED Jul 30, 2012 11:20pm

Hey there =]

How's it going?   

17 DELETED DELETED DELETED Sep 18, 2012 3:41pm

What About Older ladies for older men and younger girls ??

This is kinda my style ? am I alone ?

8 DELETED ! kinky MILF 4 fun !!! ! kinky MILF 4 fun !!! Sep 20, 2012 4:51pm

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas..

We just wanted to Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday...

2 David DELETED DELETED Dec 22, 2012 3:39am

im new here too

How young and how old do u girls want ur man to be?  u…

2 DELETED Jan Morten M Jan Morten M Jun 16, 2012 7:22am


I was in a car accident a few years ago that left mr bedrid…

2 DELETED "D.D." "D.D." Jun 12, 2012 9:48pm

New here

Hi folks, I'm Dave in Ma.   So ladies, what is to old?…

2 DELETED David David Oct 15, 2012 4:54pm


What do you think of them? With or without? 

4 DELETED DELETED DELETED Feb 28, 2013 11:10am

women -just add me

Its maybe daunting to speak up in a forum so just add me ..…

1 . . . Apr 20, 2013 12:49am

Hi , This Vanessa , Just got Invite

How is Everybody?  Take care

4 DELETED DELETED DELETED Feb 19, 2012 5:55pm

looking for a sexy young girl for a chat buddy..

come say hi on yahoo messenger

1 Rocker D Rocker D Rocker D May 3, 2013 7:18pm


just in & saying hello to everyone:)

13 Ray O Sagittarius S Sagittarius S Jan 7, 2013 3:12am

hi new to the group

hi tom here in se pa, just joined and wanted to introduce m…

7 DELETED TominSePa ❤️ Thanks MEHMET ÇETİN❤️ TominSePa ❤️ Thanks MEHMET ÇETİN❤️ Sep 27, 2012 12:43pm

age what is your limit on online chatting

legal does me. but you cant always tell. and with different…

5 DELETED DELETED DELETED May 20, 2013 3:15pm

looking for a sugar daddy

need a sugar daddy 


swallow or spit

    what do you like to do

2 DELETED DELETED DELETED Jul 14, 2013 10:02am

Friends are awesome.

I completely agreee!

10 Glenn B Lovely Miss Lovely Miss Feb 28, 2013 6:27pm

Any one have a special toy to share

The mental imagery is simply disturbing...

3 Daddy Luv DELETED DELETED May 13, 2013 6:58am

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