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    stop chasing someone who's obviously trying too hard to run off.

    August 23, 2006



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  • About Me

    • HEY MONDAY,PARAMORE,WE THE KINGS,FLYLEAF.listen to all kinds of songs which are nice to hear for my ears,except for those songs that scream their way.lyrics play a part too.

    • the notebook.

    • tom and jerry.

    • the TWILIGHT saga.vampire,werewolves and similar stuff.

    • floorball,marathon-running.

    • and dance dance and GUITAR

    • be a doctor,if possible.and also a volunteer in UNICEF. hahahah

    • let the people judge it.

    • im nazahah but people call me by a longer form nazahahaha or haha or whatever they want to.i'm quite short for my age,hah.153cm for a 17 year old,last checked.turns a year older on 26 May.a mix of chinese and javanese.a brown girl,i should say.brown eyes,darkbrown hair,but not that brown skin.and i love brownies :D can be loud and noisy when high.HAHAHA :D