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  • Joe W


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    Misty Waterfall

    You don't quit playing because you grow old. You grow old because you quit playing.

    June 26, 2007



  • About Me

    • I love all kinds of music. I have a radio show at Mountman's Musical Montage. New age is a fav.

    • Anything with Bette Davis, even the stinkers. Horror, fantasy, Sci-fi, Musicals, etc...Potter rocks!

    • Glee, Modern Family, Amazing Race, True Blood, Smash, The New Normal,

    • I write reviews for StoneWall Society. But I love a good horror/sci-fi,fantasy....

    • Walking in the woods

    • My dog, family, computers, 420

    • I write reviews for StoneWall Society. But I love a good horror/sci-fi,fantasy....

    • My Eyes

    • As Dolly says.... Here we go again. Well, I've done this so many times and here I go again... chances are you're saying the same thing... Let's be honest, we're both single. I'm not Prince Charming and let's hope you're not a frog. I have a real full life except for that special someone. I work a full time job. I also read and write reviews for StoneWall Society. I also have a show on Rainbow World Radio, an Internet Radio Station/Site. I have a family of 2 roommates, which are lovers. And NO we don't do the deed. We have 2 dogs, a cat and 2 birds. Plus we have several plants that we work on. One is a 27 year old Hibiscus tree that started out as a cutting. If drama is your game find another team mate. I am a very laid back kind of guy. If you are all about the things you have and the car you drive or the clothes you wear or the people you know then chances are I won't do for you. Sure I like going out on the town... but I'm happier with someone special sharing a sunset on a mountain t

    • I guess my Eyes. After you meet me you decide.

    • Computers of course. I am a developer at IMVU check it out at...just copy the link I love the outdoors. I like hiking in the woods. I'm an animal lover.

    • To win the Lotto... to always have friends around me and have my health. I would love to find or be found by, the man that would be my soul mate.