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    who wana know more about me...just say:D

    March 3, 2007



    Română, English


  • About Me

    • all types of music...if it sounds good ofcourse, mostly rock, and others like this :P

    • my favorites are H0rr0r>:)>:)>:)

    • not much...anime most of time:D

    • i don't read much:))

    • all types

    • my Valkyrja ...anime/mange, computers and few others (you can ask if you're curious)

    • ...

    • u wanna know something...ask me:P

    • :-??

    • PC's and games:) ... playing MW /SL /pets (add me if u want) and making new friends ..and the most Valkyrja, my Valkyrja. :)

    • i dream to be just my self...just how i'm right now;))