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  • MC Holy Ghost


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    The Bread of Life

    MC Holy Ghost - Love is the Word!

    December 20, 2011



    Black, Native American



  • About Me

    • Rap, Reggae, Jazz, World, Rock N' Roll, and All Genres!

    • Action, Drama, Comedy, Mission Impossible(s), Enemy of the State, Training Day, Manchurian Candidate. The Departed, The Town (Boston representing)

    • CNN, Ancient Aliens, History, Documentaries

    • Bible, Scriptures - I inherited a library so am hip to many books.

    • Played many in school... soccer, bball even golf! But a good hockey or football game works.

    • Love, People, Nature, Music, and everything else!

    • Making them happen everyday...

    • Spirit...sense of humour.

    • Rap Artist, Drummer, Producer, Entrepreneur, Activist