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    "check check...rock rock..."

    January 27, 2009



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  • About Me

    • ۩ Death race and Edward The Scissorshands and The God Father ( Best Movies Ever) ۩

    • ۩ CHUCK -now season 2۩

    • Live your life to the fullest, NEVER regret any decision's you've made because the mistakes we make today are the lesson's we've learned to make it through tomorrow. Well I dont really know they say opposites attract but i dont know if thats true. Id say i would like to meet someone who can make me laugh, knows what i wants and doesnt lie about stuff. Will tell you how it is but not try and hurt your feelings either , someone who likes to hang out and is chill but can be wild too. Can hold a conversation not some airhead.I think that all about who i want to meet hehe.

    • "check check...rock rock..."