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    If your pics are not RECENT then you need to handle that before trying to meet someone. Deception is NOT acceptable.

    September 14, 2011







  • About Me

    • Gospel, Classic R&B and Soul; my favorite artists are Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, The Clark Sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Rev. James Moore, Marvin Sapp, LaShun Pace, Aretha Franklin, and Patti LaBelle.

    • Horror, Comedy, Romantic Comedy and Black Comedy

    • The Jeffersons, Will and Grace, All In The Family, Good Times, The Golden Girls, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Reba, Three's Company, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, The Closer

    • The Bible by God; Self Matters by Dr. Phil; How To Succeed At Being Yourself by Joyce Meyer; I, Tina by Tina Turner

    • I don't watch sports

    • Reading, writing, cooking, music, singing, texting, traveling, watching t.v.

    • My dream is to one day be used to heal those who are hurting from their past and show them that there are better days ahead.

    • My eyes, lips, and my mind.

    • I was born and raised in Rochester, NY now residing in Charlotte, NC. I've been here since November and so far I love it here. It's slower than Jersey (where I moved from) and it still has a taste of the city. I AM IN A RELATIONSHIP- I have to put this in bold letters so that it won't be missed. Being in a relationship in a new city is hard because either they don't want to be friends with you because you are in a relationship OR they have hidden agendas and I'm not down with that at all. Whatever happened to respect, honesty, integrity and character?! Trust me, I'm good people but when you cross me you only get that one opportunity and I am done. I'm a man and I WILL be respected as such or move to the next profile. Got me?! Good.

    • I don't deal with liars, deceivers, game players, bullshyt, whores, smuts and nasty dudes- if you can't keep it 100 fall back. I don't deal with faggots, sissies nor b*tch nikkas- man the hell up or fall back. I don't deal with dudes who are superficial, materialistic, elitist, prideful nor arrogant. I don't deal with dudes with anger issues, dues that are bitter and dides that don't know how to deal with their emotions period. After looking at this list here I see I won't be talking to about 85% of the dudes on this joint. Some homosexuals have serious issues.