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    Lonely Wife Liz

    November 22, 2009





  • About Me

    • Eminem, 2pac, Nickelback, Staind, Blink 182, Jay Z, Black Eyed Peas... Pretty much anything that makes me want to dance and move my body

    • Football. I love the Chicago bears and the seattle Sea Hawks. Basketball. I love the Trail BLazerz R.I.P. Supersonics :(

    • FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT MY PERSONAL BLOG www.confessionsofalonelywife.comLIKES: Confident people, sexy guys, sexy girls, Being naughty, Movies, Kinky sex, Dancing, Parties, The Bar. Anything fun pretty much. DISLIKES: Jealous Husbands,Not being able to go to clubs, Having to sneak around, The Dallas Cowboys EWWW, Sea food yuck

    • My smile, My ass, My honesty, My body :)

    • I'm, Married. I have been since I was 18. My husband never has time for me. He never spends any time with me or shows me attention. I'm hoping to meet some people on here who will show me attention. I'm not supposed to be making this site Shhhh don't tell my husband k ;)