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  • Leslie C

    7 hours ago

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    I could be the one!

    April 21, 2007




  • About Me

    • Hendrix, Zappa, Dylan, Stones, Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, classical, opera, jazz, blues, rock, West Coast, 60's, folk, soul, World

    • 2001 Dune Woodstock

    • Not if I can possibly avoid it

    • Dune, Art books, ancient history, Asimov, Larry Niven, Van Vogt, Bob Shaw, Clarke

    • Music, Film, Reading, Dancing, Museums, Theatre, Art Galleries, Concerts

    • I am a decent honest man

    • Character Personality Romance

    • Music, movies, reading, theatre, concerts, galleries, museums, parks, communicating

    • Of you!