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    No Matter How Bad Off U THINK U Are... U Can Always Look Around And Find Someone Alot Worse Off... And They Are Typically Standing Right Next 2 U.

    August 22, 2012




    Caucasian/White, Native American



  • About Me

    • Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, Oldies, Classical... Love Sade and Andrea Bocelli, Nas, 50 Cent, TI, OutKast, Common, Nat King Cole... Depeche Mode, The DOORS, AKON... EMINEM... Lauren Hill


    • Breaking Bad, History Channel, Old Two & aHalf Men, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and American Dad,

    • The Littlest Prince...

    • Reading, Cooking, Traveling, Anything Outdoors or Around Water, Museams, Plays, Going Out For Good Food and Wine, Interesting Conversation, All Animals

    • To have the love of my life find and pursue me.... A man that will look at me with a look that says more then words could ever say. To hold my hand and watch all of the sunsets life allows us to share together and have a great time doing it, To laugh and cry together, To hold me and never let me go. A gentleman with a Heart the size of Texas...

    • Well I've been told that its my SMILE and my LEGS... U Be the Judge

    • My name is Janet, however, I am Forever branded with the name LayDBug... I have 4 wonderful sons whom I will always consider "My Lifes Greatest Achievements". I am a True Scorpio...thru and thru. I am Extremely Passionate about Everything I Touch... sometimes to my own downfall.

    • Everyone We Allow Ourselves 2 Love or 2 Love Us... Leaves a Mark. That Individual Will Always and Forever B Part of Who We Are and Will Take a Piece of Us With Them When They Go... A Piece That Noone Else Can Ever Posses. Some Just Take Larger Portions

    • #1.... PAIN ......... It Never Really Goes Away... The Pain You Feel Inside. Yet Days and Weeks and Years Pass By... The Pain You Learn To Hide. You Smile, You Laugh and Somehow Life Goes On. But In Your Heart and In Your Mind... Its Never Really Gone..... Dedicated to My Brother... R.I.P. Eddie #2... LOST.... When I Feel I Have Lost All Hope... And The Knot Has Come Loose At The End Of My Rope... I Will Slip Away In Complete Silence... And Disappear From Your Scope... At Which Time You Will Realize You Have Lost Me... And Didn't Do What It Took To Keep Me.....

    • Day 1. I Walk Down Tha Street. There Is A Deep Hole In Tha Sidewalk. I Fall In...I Am Lost...I Am Hopeless..."It Isn't My Fault". It Takes (What Feels Like) Forever To Get Out. Day 2. I Walk Down Tha Same Street. There Is A Deep Hole In Tha Sidewalk. I Pretend Not To See It. I Fall In. I Can't Believe I'm In Tha Same Place Again. But , "It Isn't My Fault or Responsibility". It Still Takes Along Time To Get Out. Day 3. I Walk Down Tha Same Street. There Is A Deep Hole In Tha Sidewalk. I See It Is There. I Still Fall In...It's A Habit. My Eyes Are Open. I Know Where I Am. It "Is" My Responsibility. I Get Out IMMEDIATELY. Day 4. I Walk Down Tha Same Street. There Is A Deep Hole In Tha Sidewalk. I Walk Around It. Day 5. I Walk Down A Differant Street. AT THA END OF THA DAY..We Are Each Responsible For Our Own Choices