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    April 2, 2007



  • About Me

    • 2009, a new year with new adventures, a time to look for new contracts and projects. First of, I’m a slave by heart and soul. I have a huge fetish for latex and rubber which I can’t and won’t live without. So if you don’t like slaves in this material, then I’m not the slave for you.

    • I primarily look for short to long term contracts from 1-2 weeks to half a year at the time depending on the setup. Maybe even longer if the feeling is right. I would prefer 24/7 in the contract period. With that said, there are of course some things that are just not possible. 24/7 is to take with moderations. For example its not possible to live in a latex suit 24/7, there need to be a short break every other day to shower, and change suit and such. Actually there is a lady in the UK who lives enclosed 24/7 in latex. From what I know of she has a half hour every day to shower and change outfit, but beside that enclosed 24/7. That is a very interesting project for me, and defently something I would look for here in 2009.

    • Beside this I have a huge thing for heavy bondage, cages, chains, bondage devices and such. Things like “men in pain”, “device bondage”, “infernal restrains”, “House of gord” and such. Favourite movie, hmmm Ponygirls from Marquis, Demonlover, Pulp Fiction. Just to mention a couple of things that I would be looking for here in 2009. Slave on a farm, ponyboy, “webcam” / movie slave as in Demonlover, 24/7 rubberslave / housekeeper, Rubberdoll.