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  • Lamont B


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    "Insanity" Doing what you have always done, and expecting different results. Check yo self.

    January 13, 2007



  • About Me

    • Rap, R&B Some Gospel,slow music,and some country. I love Pac, best of all time. If you ever need a good song to uplift yourself, I recommend "Imagine Me" by Kirk Franklin, or "Heaven Sent" By Keyshia Cole.

    • To many to list

    • The Game, Cosby show, Good times, Lizard Lick towing, Hardcore Pawn.....

    • Rich dad Poor dad, go get it...

    • Cowboyz all day....America's team.... Atlanta Braves in Baseball

    • In progress, I never knew something we take for granted, and use everyday is now paying for itself, and my water, and power bill. That something is my cell phone, your phone can do the same for you. No more $285.00 cell phone bills...Thank you Jesus!

    • First off thanks for checking me out, warning: If you are someone who has ever tried to hurt me, take from me, take advantage of me, get the HELL off my page, u can kiss my ass, the devil is a liar and u know who you are.

    • Smile, kind hearted, until u cross me the wrong way.

    • Just working taking care of my family, they are my motivation.

    • Watching my kids grow, and becoming productive citizens, everyone wants to be rich, but as long as I'm healthy, my family is taken care of, I feel like I'm already rich.